Best Moisturizer for Acne

There are several things our skin needs to stay healthy and function properly. It needs vitamins, minerals and of course, moisture. Normally, drinking plenty of water every day is enough to keep our skin hydrated, however, some of the products we use on our face and body like soap can actually strip the skin of its natural moisture leaving it vulnerable when it comes to developing skin problems like acne.

Acne is a skin problem that usually occurs when dead skin cells, dirt and oil mix together and block the openings on our skin pores. This leads to unattractive looking bumps and redness on the skin and is often a sign of poor hygiene. There are products out there that can help you address your acne problem but those products would often have a side effect of skin dryness which can not only make your skin look unattractive, it may also lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

In order to get rid of acne and still maintain a soft and moisturized skin, we’d recommend using a niacinamide cream like Acnessential. Niacinamide, also called as Nicotinamide, is an excellent substance that can help fight and prevent acne, promote healthier, glowing skin, and of course keeps your skin hydrated and soft. It’s also very gentle to the skin so it won’t aggravate any existing acne or leave your skin irritated. Acnessential is great in reducing swelling and redness caused by acne issues.

Just how good is niacinamide at moisturizing?

Extremely effective according to a published study in the International Journal of Dermatology, “Moisturizing effects of topical niacinamide (nicotinamide) on atopic dry skin.” which was carried out in Japan at the Department of Dermatology, St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Kawasaki. Nicotinamide is an alternative name to niacinamide. The scientific researchers (Soma Y, Kashima M, Imaizumi A, Takahama H, Kawakami T, Mizoguchi M.) found that 2% niacinamide was even better than the “bench mark” that moisturizers are judged against. Petrolatum (Vaseline) according to Dr. Leslie Baumann, director of Cosmetic Dermatology at the University of Miami, “is one of the most occlusive moisturizing ingredients known…it is often the gold standard to which other occlusive ingredients are compared.” Due to the non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) nature of petrolatum, it has been popular in skincare formulations since 1872. But niacinamide beats it hands down because it hydrates better, is also non-comedogenic, and it doesn’t have the greasy texture of petrolatum. The Japanese study conclusively found niacinamide to be the best in reducing water loss from skin and increasing its moisture levels. When you combine this with the fact that niacinamide is better at getting rid of acne than the leading prescription topical, Clindamycin, it becomes obvious that niacinamide is the best moisturizer for acne prone skin.

Here are even more studies that have proven just how great and effective niacinamide cream is on treating acne and moisturizing skin:

“4% nicotinamide gel is of comparable efficacy to 1% clindamycin gel in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Because topical clindamycin, like other antimicrobials, is associated with emergence of resistant microorganisms, nicotinamide gel is a desirable alternative treatment for acne vulgaris.” – International Journal of Dermatology of the New York University College of Medicine, June 1995. fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmented spots, red blotchiness and skin sallowness. Overall skin elasticity has improved as well.

Bissett et. al. accurately stated all the amazing benefits from niacinamide. It stated that niacinamide can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation issues, red blotchiness, skin sallowness (yellowish skin), and makes the skin more elastic. A 2005 study from Draelos et. al., reported that niacinamide may also help with rosacea symptoms and improve the skin’s hydration, and may exhibit anti-tumor qualities also. It is obvious why niacinamide cream is the best moisturizer for acne. With all the additional benefits like acne treatment, softer skin, reduced wrinkles, and skin whitening, Acnessential is a great choice for a better and healthier skin.

Apart from Acnessential niacinamide cream, you can also try NiaSerum which is a niacinamide serum that penetrates deep into your skin. This allows for better and faster absorption of moisture and helps treat acne problems more efficiently.

Great against acne, keeps skin moisturized, makes you look younger, evens out your skin tone, and no side effects – do you need any more reasons to try out Acnessential or NiaSerum? It is also very affordable and easy to purchase on our website. Try it out and get rid of your acne problems and other skin issues today.